Cleanser for Dogs, Hypoallergenic Antibacterial

Cleanser for Dogs, Hypoallergenic Antibacterial

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Every Diva keeps her paws clean and sparkly! Zelda's Tropical cleanses, deodorizes, and even moisturizes while it cleans!  

Zelda's Topical Cleanser for Dogs is Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial. This spritz is excellent for cleansing paws after a walk, the nightly booty wipe, or around the eyes to prevent red stains on the fur. 

Cleansing your dog's paws is one of the most effective ways to keep their digestive system healthy.  All dogs' paws collect the grime, pollutants and allergens on sidewalks, streets, and public parks as well as flours even those in your own home from cleansers and grime brought in on shoes.  When dogs collect these harmful agents on their paws they lick thus digesting the agents directly into their digestive system, or the agents are absorbed through their sweat glands in their paws putting these chemicals into their bloodstream often causing allergic reactions.  

  • Use Zelda's Tropical Cleanser after a walk or anytime to cleanse the grime & bacteria off their paws and between their toes.
  • Zelda's Cleanser is also safe for the nose, around the eyes, and ears where airborne allergens may get onto your dog.
  •  Cleansing yet moisturizes as it cleanses.
  • 100% Natural and locally sourced ingredients all from the USA.

 Bonus! This cleanser is gentle enough to wipe the yeast from around your dog's nose, inside the ears, and even around her/his unmentionables.  Clean the air pollutants, and allergens off your dogs face. 

Directions for use:

Use as often as needed. Spritz onto the area needed. Use as often as needed. Once spritzed you can wipe and cleanse the area again. For best results follow up with Zelda's Moisturizing Cream Face, Paw, and Body. 

It's ok if your pooch licks it but don't feed it to them.

For very irritated paws or bad allergies try our Bath Salts, in Eucalyptus and Lavender. "Dogs sweat from their paws. Often on walks dogs pick up pollutants and allergens as well as in their own homes. Allergens and pollutants come into your home onto floors from the outside. These irritants can attach to your dog's paws and between their toes causing irritations. Then when they lick their paws they can digest them or they enter through the bloodstream. Keeping your dog's paws clean is one of the best preventative ways to reduce internal, skin and other allergy issues."

Do not use on open sores. For open sores please take your dog to the vet for those.